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Not A Part Of It plays Double Down at Punk Rock Bowling 5/29

Not A Part Of It will be playing an after party with DJ’s, Boss’ Daughter and TBA at Punk Rock Bowling Monday May 29th @ The Double Down Saloon!!!! Keep checking for details and developments! We’ll be in Vegas Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday hanging out with some friends who are also playing PRB… Read more »


We’re back in Eugene for the last date of “The Nine Lives Of The Night Life” Tour with Leftover Crack! The tour went great and we’re happy to finish with such a cool show! See ya there tomorrow!!!! Click here for details.    

Not A Part Of It heads out on tour with Potbelly in 2 days!!!!

We’re excited to start our tour with Potbelly from Washington!!!! We’re also excited to play with bands we listened to growing up like Angry Samoan, Know, and Verbal Abuse. Plus, we get to see some friends and play with others like The Has Beens and Drunk As Shit. Check the Tour page on here for… Read more »

Guest drummer Dan Panic with Not A Part Of It @ 924 Gilman on March 5th

We’re excited to announce that Dan Panic (drummer for Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, The Queers and others) will be joining us for two songs during our show on March 5th at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, California. We’ll be doing a Screeching Weasel song and a Not A Part Of It song. To find out which ones,… Read more »

Not A Part Of It plays with Channel 3 round 3!!!!

The next Not A Part Of It show is on January 6th at Dante’s with our friends CH3. We wrote a song about our adventures with them called “The Shotcaller” (you can listen here) which is on our full length “Don’t Let The Bastards Down” released last year. After that we’re on tour for most of… Read more »

We Tricked The Dwarves Into Playing With Us

We just confirmed through Notmyshow Productions that Dwarves are coming to Eugene, Oregon on December 2nd! We were also able to get our friends, Potbelly to play with us! See you there! We’ll put a link where you can buy advance tickets here, and RSVP here! Cheers!

Not A Part Of It with Guttermouth November 20th

It was a tough and bloody battle but we’re playing with Guttermouth at The Boreal, 450 W. 3rd Ave. in Eugene, Oregon! There will be a surprise or two! Check back here periodically! Get Tickets here! We’re playing second and we’ll see you there! RSVP!

Last Minute Show Tonight!!!!

Yeah! A touring band from Oakland needed our help. We’ll be playing tonight with Genocide Skin (members of Ghoul and Cyanic) and Davy Jones’ Locker Combo! Come have so much fun with uuuussssssss!!!!! Here’s the fucking Facebook event page!